Condenser Coils – Finest! Copper Coils, Aluminum Fins

All Condesnser Coils can be purchased directly on our website, or by calling us directly:  770-474-1150

First Quality Condenser Coils are manufactured by a world renowned coil manufacturer with copper tubes and aluminum fins. This is the best combination for excellent cooling, at a reasonable cost.

Welch Industries Condenser Coils are manufactured to exact bolt-in replacement tolerances, and are guaranteed to fit exactly as factory-new coils. Coils are available to fit many MCI and Prevost Coaches. Other coaches in progress. Please call for availability.

MCI 5,7,8,9 Condenser Coil  –  $1025.00

MCI 96 & 102 Condenser Coil  –  $TBA

MCI E & J Model   –   $TBA

Prevost XL40  –  $1275.

Prevost XL45  –  $TBA

Prevost  H3-40-45 –  $1875.

SPECIAL NOTE: – On some “J” coaches, the A/C system was designed with no receiver tank. If your condenser needs to be replaced, we can install a NEW CONDENSER COIL, and install new receiver tank with 2 sight glasses. The unit is, then, much easier to service upon completion of the installation with the custom receiver tank/condenser coil assembly. Remove your condenser assembly, ship to us and we’ll ship it back to you, ready to install. Total cost including shipping to us and return to you Is $4500.   Of course we do all the work here at our facility as well, so we would love to have you bring your coach in!

wp1a4cf10b_05_06 MCI 102 A, C, D & DL Condenser Coil