About Us

About Welch Industries

Since 1984, we have provided solutions for difficult areas of motor coach air conditioning maintenance and repair, and have designed auxiliary air conditioning systems for coaches and buses, both in custom installations, as well as having a few set up in a “do-it-yourself” kit form.

We supply top quality replacement components such as compressors, expansion valves, hoses, condenser coils, and other coach/transit HVAC components to help maintain your original Coach air conditioning system.

Additionally, our Auxiliary A/C Systems have proven to be one of the best things you can do to your Coaches that your customers really appreciate. They are designed, and manufactured in our facility in Stockbridge, GA, both as custom installations, as well as in kit form on select Coaches, so that your mechanic can install for you at your chosen facility.  A cool coach in hot weather is an exciting place to ride – not just transportation – and we can help you accomplish that status!!

We offer complete coach maintenance, with our specialty in coach air conditioning: one of the most difficult, yet most important aspects of bus and coach operation. The comfort of your passengers is the lifeblood of your business, and Welch Industries is experienced in helping you maintain coaches to the best performance!

Our Mission: To fill a gap in the transportation industry, focusing on the maintenance and improvement of the environmental control system on today’s Motor Coaches. A controlled environment = happy customers. Considering that, for the most part, our customers are service providers, providing service to the paying customer in need of transportation, our focus is to provide YOU, our customer, with products and services at a standard that exceeds far above and beyond what other facilities and suppliers can offer in the Motor Coach Air Conditioning Industry, so that you, as a Coach Operator can, in turn, provide a service to YOUR customer that is unquestionably more comfortable than what others may offer.