Lamar Welch

Founder, CEO

Early in the 80’s, Lamar was struggling with how to improve/replace what was then an A/C system that didn’t cool an older coach being ran by his Church, when he stumbled across an idea. That idea would soon come to life (picture below) as a replacement unit he designed, built and installed on that old Coach, and that old Coach never felt the heat of day again! And there you have it. A company was born. Upon telling a friend who operated several coaches, about the experiment and its success, Lamar found himself setting up production for a few of the units for his friend.

The Original Easi~Aire Unit

The Original Easi~Aire Unit

Within a matter of months, the unit was dubbed “Easi~Aire”, and was being shipped all over the continental U.S., and a few of them even went over seas. A few years later, as the coach industry developed, and older coaches were no longer road worthy, Lamar began to dig deeper in the Motor Coach A/C Industry. Through an already solid understanding of A/C system operation, and a little trial and error, he became somewhat of a guru on the unique A/C systems that are on motor coaches up to the current motor coaches on the roads today. His knowledge and understanding is why we exist. He has passed down this knowledge to many people over the years, including the current staff, and continues to be involved as much as health and time will allow.

Founder / CEO:

Wanda Johnson

Office Management, Secretarial

Wanda joined our team in January 2001, entering the Motor Coach Industry, bringing with her a vast knowledge of office operations and routine administrative duties, but had absolutely no knowledge of the industry. Lamar began teaching her the basics, and over time, with repetition, she has become one of the most knowledgeable people on our team. She serves our company to this day as our secretary, and office manager. She is likely the one you will hear on the other end of the line when scheduling appointments, placing an order, asking about any accounting related questions, ……..and yes, even some technical help! She maintains a goal oriented mind-set, with a primary focus to be the liaison between the customer and our repair shop, or the management. Wanda also is supportive and encouraging when it comes to the growth of the company. She is a go-to, both for you as a customer, and for us as a company.

Office Manager, Secretary: