Auxiliary A/C Systems

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Welch Industries Auxiliary Air Conditioning systems have proven themselves now for many years, providing additional cooling to enhance the comfort and utility of coaches from early 60’s into the 90’s, and now  into as late as 2010 models, in large and small fleets.

Auxiliary AC systems provide maximum comfort.  Designed as bolt-in accessories for most coaches, they are considered by many to be a necessity for comfort and utility.  Units are totally independent of the main AC system, so that it becomes an excellent back-up unit in case of main system failure.  Often it is possible to continue a trip without interruption even after the main system has failed.

Complete instructions are included with each unit, and the average technician can install successfully using ordinary shop tools and equipment.  A working knowledge of AC systems is needed.  Telephone support is available as needed.  Units are shipped complete with all hoses, electrical connections needed, and are tailored to fit the particular coach ordered for. Modifications will be made to your specifications for conversions, special coaches, etc.

The RE-1 Auxiliary evaporator unit is ideal for many coaches including D & DL model MCI’s.  It has an integral air filter, and does a great job of helping to cool your coach.

Eagle – RE-1 – 6 or 8 volt – Unit Only Price $2,325.00  —  Unit & Installation Price $3,950.00

MCI 5,6,7,8, Early 9’s – RE-1 – Unit Price$2,600.00 — Unit & Installation Price $3,950.00

MCI D’s, DL’s – RE-1 – Unit Price $2,600.00 — Unit & Installation Price $3,950.00

MCI E Models – Unit Price $2,700.00 — Unit & Installation Price $4,200.00 to $4,450

                                                                                                                                  call for specific price

Prevost LeMirage w/ S-60 or 8V92 Engines – RE-1 – Unit $ 2,700.00 — Installed  $3,990.00

Prevost H345 – RE-1 – Unit $2,700.00  —   Unit & Installation Price $3,990.00

Setra – RE1 – Unit Price $2,850.00  —  Unit & Installation Price $3,990.00

VanHool – RE1 – Unit Price $2,850.00  — Unit & Installation Price $3,990.00

wp0996c3fe_05_06 RE-1 Ausiliary Unit For Most Coaches