Looking for an A/C part for your motorcoach, give us a call.  We offer  many additional parts for the A/C of your motorcoach. We have hoses in stock for MCI and Prevost coaches.  We offer some hoses for the Setra coach. Call for pricing.

     Just a few of our A/C parts:

Valve Set  – 05G -all 3 heads            $250.00        Compressor Hi Side Service Valve    $  95.00

O5G Hub                                                  95.00            Compressor Lo Side Service Valve      150.00

O5G Hub Nut                                         45.00            Compressor Hub Mount Seal                 115.00

Manual Pressure Unloaders    230.00 each      Compressor Gaskets                                     Call

Pressure Switches, Lo, Hi            30.00 each     Alco Expansion Valves                                85.00

Condenser Pressure Switch        95.00  R134    Sporlan Type Expansion Valves              85.00                                                               145.00  R22